Dynamic Precision
At Dynamic we offer the solution to any engineering request using 3D CAD/CAM and CNC machining facilities. Also we offer conventional milling, turning, drilling, grinding and fabrication work. This ensures we offer a full turn key operation from design to finished product.

• Haas TM2 - 1016 x 406 x 406
• Yang Eagle 1000 20 Tool Station - 1005 x 505 x 400
• Kryle 500b 16 Tool Station - 500 x 400 x 350
• XYZ Proto Trak LX2
• Colchester Student 1800
• Bridgeport Interact (x2) - 450 x 300 x 125
• Jones-Shipman 540
• Pillar Drill
• Band Saw - 170 x 210
• NXM300 Mig Welder

Our clients are from varied backgrounds and include the following industries -

Automation ~ a varied product range specific to client drawing - stop bars, blocks, retaining plates, etc.
Hydraulic House Manufacturer ~ providing the service of ensuring their production line is maintained from toolmaking through to automated line repair as well as prototype development.
Plastic Extrusion ~ requiring toolmaking, pins and dies, calibration and sheet heads.
Autosport ~ manufacture of parts for race teams - cars and motorcycles.
Engineers and Fabricators ~ general subcontract work.
Shooting ~ production of hammers for shotguns.
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